The competitions are open to the members of the Gedling & District  Indoor Bowls Club.

Members may only make one entry for each competition.



The Competitions will run on a knockout basis.There must be at least 3 entries to enable any competitions to be played.

(Except for the Singles Competitions)

a)      Singles in accordance with E.I.B.A. rules ( 21 shots up ) 3hrs must be booked for this competition.


b)    All other competitions –


(i)  Up to the semi-finals the round shall be of two hours duration (see draw sheet for each competition for the maximum number of ends to be played.) Dead ends do not count. No trial ends. Drawn games to be decided on the number of ends won, if still unresolved to be replayed.


(ii)     Semi-finals and finals will be completed games i.e. Pairs and Fours 21 ends,Triples 18 ends. The Ancient and Modern competition will be played over 2hrs until the final,which will be 4 hrs. Matches once commenced must be played to a conclusion. It is the responsibility of the challenger to ensure that sufficient rink time is booked. Trial ends of not more than two woods per player may be played. The finals will be played on the dates stated on the entry form.


(iii)   Any competition allocated a date and time will be played at that time unless underspecial circumstances when they may play the competition prior to that date, with the permission of the Competition Secretary/ies





a) To read the first named team in the draw( the challenger)  shall, not less than 14 days before the date by which the round must be completed,  offer the second named team (the opponent) two dates, one of which must be a Saturday or Sunday and one a mid-week evening should  there be one available. Alternatively matches may be arranged by mutual consent and played at any time. Matches are to be played in normal  bowling times starting not earlier than 8.30am and not later than 8.30pm. If no attempt has been made to contact the opponents in order to  arrange the fixture the Competition Secretary/ies have the right to disqualify the challengers.


b)  If the opponents have not received dates from the challenger by 12 days before the date by which the round must be completed they should contact the challenger offering two dates as above and also inform the Competition Secretary.

c)  Any match not played by the due date will be declared void and the challenger passed through to the next round, except where action has been  taken as in (b )above when the opponents shall be passed through to the next round. No extensions over the competition date will be allowed except in exceptional circumstances.


Dates being offered may/should be provisionally booked and must be confirmed or rejected within FIVE DAYS of making the initial provisional booking by the person concerned. Once a booking has been confirmed the person or persons defaulting will be responsible for the payment of the full rink fees whether the rink is used or not.



One substitute is allowed, who must be the same substitute if used in subsequent rounds. Such a substitute can play in any position other than skip (with the exception of any pairs competition ) but must not have been registered or played in that competition for any other team. The opposing skip must be informed and the card clearly marked.

In mixed pairs and trips 2 substitutes are allowed, 1 lady and 1 man, but only 1 can play at any time and must be the same substitute if used in subsequent rounds. In mixed fours 2 substitutes are allowed to play in the same match 1 lady and 1 man who must be the same if used in any subsequent rounds.


In rounds prior to the semi-finals and finals number 3’s may only follow their bowls to the head if it is the last delivery prior to the skips bowling. Skips may only follow their bowls to the head if it is the last delivery of the end.


Scorecards signed by both skips are to be left in the box where the league cards go.



The draw for the competition will be displayed on the Notice Board. Names and telephone numbers of Team Captains will be included on the Draw sheet. No further information will be sent to Team Captains.



Any disputes or disagreements regarding these competitions must be referred to the Competition Secretary in writing. They will be considered by the appropriate committee whose decision will be final.


Anything not covered by the above will be dealt with under E.I.B.A. rules.



Revised: September 2016
















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