Ann Trotman Singles

Plant Welding Triples

Gedling Open Pair

Master Singles Championship

Entry Forms for the above Competitions can be obtained from Gedling Indoor Bowls

or by contacting Margaret Smith on 01159404609

Helpers for these events are always greatly appreciated, if you are not able to help why

not come along and see some great bowling.



Disability Bowls has a classification system which covers all physical and visual disabilities. B1 to B4 being for people with a visual impairment , B5 to B8 being for people with a physical impairment affecting their limbs, balance , grip, upper body strength and co-ordination. All of the things which we need in order to deliver a bowl to a jack at the other end of a bowling green. The lower the number, the more severe the disability.

This weekend we had entries from bowlers with classifications right across the board from all of the disability groups, and the most remarkable thing is that both finalists, David and George have a classification of B5 which is the most severe of the physical disabilities, which not only goes to show that this game of ours is a game of skill, tactics and concentration and open to all !

A big ‘THANK YOU’ to our members who came along to mark and help in general over the two days, myself and the bowlers really do appreciate your help.

Be proud!

I am, whenever we have an event at Gedling.

Margaret Smith.